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DogLooksGood® emerged from a passion to celebrate our loyal canine companions who fill our lives with joy and comfort every day. It's a tribute to all women and men who cherish their dogs and puppies with boundless affection. Discover our delightful collections, where you'll find the most charming dog gifts to indulge your love for dogs.



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Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Peii Henry
It is said that dogs are man's best friend, however if dogs would have the ability to speak would they agree? “People often make serious mist...
How to travel with a Dog

How to travel with a Dog? Top 5 Golden Tips

Peii Henry
Do dogs even like to travel? And should you take your dog on a trip? Well, the answers may vary on many factors. For example, did the dog travel f...

Top 10 Most Googled Dog Questions

Peii Henry
10. Why are dogs’ noses wet? About 10,510,000 results found on Google Many people think that a healthy dog has a cool wet nose and a sick pup has ...

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Why is it safer to setup a GPS for my dog?

Why is it safer to setup a GPS for my dog?

Is COVID-19 dangerous for dogs?

Is COVID-19 dangerous for dogs?

Peii Henry