Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

It is said that dogs are man's best friend, however if dogs would have the ability to speak would they agree?

“People often make serious mistakes while raising a canine friend” – says animal welfare professionals.​ According to them, mistakes made by owners not only determine the health of the dog, but also changes their behavior drastically. Mostly a healthy dog does not get sick or any good dog does not get aggressive without a reason.

Food - cheaper than sawdust?

The most infamous dogs’ ailments are allergies. Some people are not conscious enough about the fact that human food can be fatal for the canine companion. Another mistake is buying cheapest economy class dog food. First, when buying this kind of food four-legged owners do not take into consideration that usually dogs will consume double amount of this food rather than high quality food.

Puppies are just like babies

Thus, cheaper foods consumed in double quantities, and it often gets much more expensive than buying high quality food of which the dog would consume a lot less. Some people complain that their pets do not eat one or the other food. It is said that dogs are like children: if you put in front of the child sweets and a healthy meal what would he choose? The same goes for the canine friends. It is a public secret that some foods contain appetite stimulants and food additives.

Dogs are not vegetarians

Dogs belong to the order Carnivora, however their diet can include vegetables and fruits but to a limited extent.

Our four-legged friend will feel good, be alert, his coat will shine if it will receive a balanced meat diet. However, problems will arise when wrong food is given. Good dog food can’t be cheaper than sawdust. It is crucial to read the nutritional information and be aware of the unnecessary additives.

Pups also need toys

Another issue is the oral hygiene of dogs. It must be understood that pets given a variety of chew-toys or dental snacks clean up their teeth.

There are times when especially young dog owners complain that the dog has “eaten half the house”.

Naturally, he has no toys. A small, young dog is like a small child in need of toys. Again, however, the dog must not be left unattended with toys. Just like with many toys, we do not leave babies alone.

Vaccinations for dogs are a must

Vaccinations are the cornerstone of preventive health and can protect people and their pets for life from illnesses or death. Vaccination is one of the best ways to prepare dogs’ immune systems to stop diseases and for the vast majority of pets the benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the risks.

Leaving out dog food

Another issue arises is when the owner leaves the dog for the whole day and the dog can eat at will.

Doing this is not recommended either. The dog should be given the appropriate amount to eat. For example if the dog does not consume food within 15 minutes, the amount of food should be reduced. The dog is fed twice a day after the amount of food it is given.

If the dog is fed too often, then it can cause dog obesity, which can call out heart and joint problems.


Importance of movement

Four-legged owners should also be aware that the minimum time for a dog to be active during the day is two hours. It is not enough to go out for a walk twice a day for a few minutes.

In addition, choosing the breed of your canine companion the characteristics must be taken into account. For example, physically inactive people who choose blue-eyed huskies tend to have a tough time, which usually ends with giving the dog away.

Home alone

When left on its own, the dog may become more upset than you realize. When you leave the house, make sure to leave behind some fun activities for him, like interactive toys, and a good long walk, so he will be ready for a nap. Turn on some fine tunes that will add to the relaxation.

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