Dog Health and Safety Tips in Autumn

Autumn is a fantastic season for dogs. It is the time when you can enjoy some apple or pumpkin pie whilst having lots of fun with your dog. The temperature may cool down, but the fun is just heating up. To get the best of autumn we’ve gathered some amazing tips on how you can make sure your dog is safe and healthy during this colorful season.



Rainfall is one of the inseparable symbols of Autumn. It is almost impossible to enjoy the great outdoors during rainy days. So what activities can you do indoors with your dog when it is raining outside?

Our advice: Play indoor games like hide & seek or hidden treats, or better yet try tug of war. Try to learn new commands or tricks. Arrange a doggie play date. Last but not least, spend some time cuddling with your dog.


If you are an optimist and rainy days do not bother you (nor your dog), we recommend buying yourself and your beloved dog a raincoat and a pair of rubber boots. So no matter the weather, outdoors can always be an option for you and your dog.



Autumn undoubtedly is considered to be the best season scouting for wild mushrooms. After the first rain, when necessary conditions are met the forests are overwhelmed with these gifts.

However, are mushrooms poisonous to dogs? The short answer is yes and no. There are thousands of mushrooms species out there and over 100 can be fatal to dogs. It is difficult to identify mushrooms.

Our advice: Don’t risk it with mushrooms, keep a close eye on your dog while hiking in the forest.



The increased precipitation and lower temperature are not only a great environment for mushrooms to grow, but for fleas to surge as well. It was discovered by Kansas State University that fleas are 70% more active in Autumn than in the Spring.

Our advice: Be aware because fleas can hide in leaf piles, tall grasses, and trees. Brush your dog’s hair accordingly to the breed recommendations. Use natural washes, sprays, dips, and rubs according to your veterinarian’s advice. Watch if your dog scratches excessively or has developed skin problems in that case schedule an appointment with your vet.



The lower temperature also indicates car owners to get ready for the winter season, including a change of antifreeze. Is antifreeze dangerous for dogs? Absolutely, even small amounts can be fatal. It is estimated that about 90,000 pets a year suffer from ethylene glycol poisoning, which is the main toxic chemical of antifreeze.

Our advice: Clean up any spills of antifreeze on driveways and other surfaces. If you catch your pet drinking antifreeze or may have had access to it, contact your veterinarian immediately.



When the weather gets colder, rodents commonly try to seek indoor shelter for warmth. Some people try to get rid of them by using highly toxic chemicals such as rodenticide. These chemical agents can be fatal to dogs as well. The worst part of rodenticide poisoning in dogs is clinical signs start to shop up from 3 to 5 days after ingesting the poisonous substance.

Our advice: Get rid of all the chemical rat poison and try something like humane live mousetraps. However, if your dog is feeling unwell and your dog may have had ingested the rat poison, visit your vet as soon as possible.



 You may ask can dogs have autumn allergies? The answer is yes. Just like springtime allergies, Autumn season allergies are just as common. They can come up for various reasons. Some of them may come up from harvest mites, mold, and fungal spores, ragweed, mugwort. Other allergies can be a sign of a weak immune system.

Our advice: As usual keep a close eye on your dog for skin redness or irritation. Depending on the situation a veterinarian can prescribe skin-soothing shampoos, medication, or even desensitization therapy.

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