Why do people dress up their dogs?

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There have been multiple discussions on whether dog owners should dress up their pets.

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What are the key concerns of increasing demands of dog clothing?

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The demand for dog tailors has been increasing steadily since 2012 in the US and UK.

The increasing disposable income, exponentially growing urbanization and pet humanization are the main points of the rising demand of dog apparel in the global market. Various market resource studies show by 2028 the pet clothing market is expected to grow between USD 7 – 16 billion globally¹

Global pet clothing market share by product category​, 2021

Coats & Jackets
Sweaters & Hoodies
Shirts & Tops

The graph indicates that the larger proportion of consumers chooses shirts and tops segment over the coats and jackets. However, the growing preference for various reasons, such as weather protection coats and jackets of different categories including  windbreakers, raincoats, snowsuits, etc. is expected to contribute to the growth of the coats and jackets segment in the coming years².

Top 3 reasons why people dress up their dogs

Many dog owners choose jackets simply to protect their pets from various weather conditions

1. Health

One of the most important reasons why dog owner dress up their pets is health related issues. Some dog breeds due to their genetic physiognomy are advised to have clothing during colder weather. For instance, Chihuahuas, Labradors, Greyhounds, and even Norfolk Terriers are susceptible to the rough outdoor elements, so they need to wear a dog coat or a sweater to stay happy and warm³.

Canine clothing is also essential when we are talking about dog mental health issues, especially in treating separation anxiety. One of the most popular methods is to use a compression wrap or an anxiety vest. Separation anxiety is thought to affect one in every four to six dogs, and is even more common in older dogs⁴. Read more about how to deal with separation anxiety in our previous blog “7 Ways to Treat Dog Separation Anxiety”.

2. Safety

 Reflective jackets are a highly effective protection from car accidents during night-time.

The FDA in 2021 reported that approximately 10,000 dogs are involved in car accidents each year, getting either injured or killed⁵. Accordingly, a large proportion of dog owners purchase reflective jackets and other accessories in order to avoid car accidents during evening strolls.

3. Style

Some dog owners choose dog apparel simply to express themselves or to add style to their pets.

Studies show that pet humanization rate is driving the demand for stylish dog jackets, windbreakers, sweaters, hoodies and shirts. Dog owners feel welcomed and encouraged to be unique and to express themselves in the contemporary society.
In addition, expressing the uniqueness with dog apparel usually leads to finding like-minded friends. There are multiple blog posts, tweets and discussions on the internet regarding dog fashion, thus creating a distinctive community between dog and fashion lovers.

Perhaps the aspiration to express oneself and to belong to a community is one of the main reasons why designer made dog apparel is growing each year.

The Popular Paw-Tex® (The Dog Face) line

The original line-up of the Dog Face jacket Paw-Tex®: Black, Red, Green-Camo.

Our fashion journey started in 2019, together with The Dog Faceteam we created the first Paw-Tex® windbreakers for dogs. Originally we started with red, black and yellow (by any treats necessary), which were successful and inspired us to move forward.

In 2020, we introduced additional colors: Green and Winter camouflage, which were specifically designed for mountain-forest walking in the winter and spring/summer seasons. However, the Green Camo was a success as an urban style outfit.

In 2021, we decided to create three separate new lines: Mex®, Laika® and Rex®. The first one was dedicated to our clients, purposing to expand the original Tex® yellow (by any treats necessary) color variations. The Laika® jacket was crafted as a tribute to the first dog in outer space. Finally, the creation of the Rex® windbreaker was inspired mainly to protect our canine friends (and their owners) during night-time walks with a full on reflecting coat.

This year, we wanted to accomplish something even greater by expanding the dog apparel with 4 separate lines: Liberty®, Supreme®, Tex-Winter® and Precious®. Without going into great details: each new line has unique features and traits. To learn more about the new arrivals, please check with the products below or click here.


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